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 January 2005: S.R. Roseland Lions & Lioness Lions Club, Inc. Chartered with 26 Members.

All Chartered Members at one time or other through the past 33 + years have worked with the City of Santa Rosa when they opened the doors and tried to get a Youth Center started with the intention of helping the children have a safe place to go after school with hopes that they would not be joining gangs to fill their after school hour. Each time the project opened, the community would get together to help the City of Santa Rosa only to be closed down each time again and again and again.

This last time, Our SR Roseland Lions Club chartered to work with the City of Santa Rosa to help the Children in the Roseland Community. We joined forces with SR City Park & Rec. when they opened up the project.

The two  Chartered Members who signed up to work with the City of Santa Rosa were:  Lions Pat Sterck & Jim Paschal, we worked very closely with the City Park & Rec from 2006 to Feb, 2012 when the City of SR Park & Rec once again closed the project. Our club  purchased the building they were going to use for this temporary Community Center so that we could start this Youth Center as some of us have worked on & off with the City of SR for 33+ years at this time. We are confident that our club with help from caring individuals from the Roseland Community & from across the globe from those who care, we will be able to succeed without the City of Santa Rosa.  

Our Santa Rosa Roseland Lions & Lioness Lions Club FIRST set of Incoming Board of Directors when our Club Chartered in year 2005 were:

Lion Harold Jensen, Charter President

Lion Pat Sterck, 1st. V.P.

Lion Bonnie Baclawski, Secretary

Lion Silvia Floriano, Treasurer                                             In this year 2013/2014 Our Santa Rosa Roseland Lions & Lioness Lions Club Board of Directors are:

Lion Pat Sterck, President & Building Project Mgr. Lion Guido Boccaleoni, 1st. V.P..

LionJudith Gozman,Secretary                                      

Lion Carla Curtiss, Treasurer

Lion Chris Boccaleoni, Director & Lion Tamer

Lion Mary Bates, Director



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Mission + Vision


My name is Lion Pat Sterck, president of our Small but strong Roseland Lions Club here in Santa Rosa California.

We are a Proud Part of Lions International. This Roseland Lions Club was chartered in year 2005 while we, all volunteers were working on putting this building together to hep our community.  

I have been doing Charity and Volunteer work most of my life starting at a very very young age in school, church and where needed. My husband and children all worked right along side with me.

With Lions Clubs, in Santa Rosa,  I started as a volunteer in 1973.  A friend invited me to join a Lioness Club here in Santa Rosa. Our Lioness Club helped as many as we could in the community. The club was getting larger and larger , we split into two clubs. That's when the Roseland Lioness Club started.  I was an active member until my parents needed my help so I had to move out of town to take care of them. A few years later, a group of caring individuals who wanted to help children their families and the elderly, we got together &  chartered the Roseland Lions & Lioness Lions Club to work on this our current Community &  Youth Resource Center for the children in Roseland who readily needed help desperately. 

 We are a small club going very strong with helping our community, other non-profits and so much more..

Many in our community and members of our club  worked for decades with the City of Santa Rosa trying to get a Youth Center started in our Roseland Community in Santa Rosa ,California. 

In year 2012, our Roseland Lions Club purchased 4 Modular Units  from the City of Santa Rosa, the same building that they intended to use for this same project we are currently working on putting together to help the children in the Roseland Community.  

Our goal is to put this beautiful building together with the intent of using same for, we believe, the first Lions Club-House Office of it's type to be put together to help the children in the Southwest Roseland Community without the help from City of Santa Rosa as they decided to hand it over to us as they were cancelling the project after decades of trying to put it together to help the community. 


We invite you to join us with your time, in-kind donations and tax-deductible funds so that we can succeed in getting this very first Community  &Youth Resource Center put together without funding from the City of Santa Rosa. Our Club is small, we depend on donations to get this Youth Center Up and Running. Unlike other non-profit organizations, all donations we receive 100% will go directly to help the public and charities of choice.  

It has always been our hope to start a Community & Youth Resource Center in Roseland to help the children, adults, seniors, veterans & anyone who needed help. The dream is now finally a reality, to succeed, we need your help & support so that we can start this Community & Youth Resource Center ASAP to help the children with hopes that they will not have to join gangs to fill in their after school hours. . 

Visit other pages in our website for more information also to see what it is that we are doing and maybe you will want to join us in helping to give the children a better and happier future for them and their families. 

Read on to understand a little more about what we are trying to accomplish to help the children in the Roseland Community.

You are welcome to join us in helping the children in Roseland, together we can succeed in getting this Youth & Resouirce Center together ASAP to help children, adults, seniors & veterans in the Roseland community, Sonoma County & beyond!


Charity Children Adults Seniors & Veterans Resource Ctr.  It is amazing what we can do together. 

Lion Pat Sterck,

Club Pres.& Bdg Project Manager Santa Rosa Roseland Lions & Lioness Lions Club, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization & proud part of Lions International.  

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