PO BOX 7398, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

                                                             TAX ID #: 65-1240573

               SANTA ROSA ROSELAND LIONS CLUB Building (Pictured above, floorplan on the right) is

ready to be moved onto it's new location: 3470 Santa Rosa Ave., in Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

We cannot Thank our New  Sponsor enough for allowing us the use of the Land for our Building Project. 

All our Club has to do is to get our Modular Building moved onto it's NEW site & remodel a very small parts of the building. Most Permits fees are paid, volunteer Architect put the Plans together & we are ready & waiting to start on construction.   

Once we receive our approved building permit in hand, we will be allowed to move our modular units onto it's new site.                                  Earlier this year, our County of Santa Rosa Planning Dept.  surprised  us with the current                                            Endangered Salamander Issue in Santa Rosa.

FIRST SURPRISE:  Even though we have NO Salamanders on our property, we were told by County Permit Dept. that we must Mitigate as all new construction must help support the Salamander Habitats, this is a new Law we were informed in 2019 NOW in Sonoma County. Please know that our plans even with no Salamanders issues we have planned a Salamander friendly environment just in case they decide to visit us in years to come.  

 Our Club's Biologist informed us that the Mitigation fee will be in the $150,000.00 range for our building project, it's confirmed now. For a small club, it was quite a shock. We will need to find Sponsors and fund-raise  also reach out to our community to request all to please donate what you can, as every dollar will help. Together we can & will succeed. 

SECOND SURPRISE:  BIG shocking information we received was that , we must take care of the Mitigation cost BEFORE  the County Permit for our construction will be released to our Club so we can start construction. We were also told that we are still not allowed to move our modular units onto our Club's grounds until the fee for Salamander Habitat cost of $150,000.00 is paid in full.

All this time while working with County for our Club's building permit, we have had to pay storage for our modular units cost is $600.00 per month for the past 3 years.  Before that, we had an in-kind donor who took care of the storage fee for our club. This extra cost is a huge burden for our small club.

Here we have a 3.1 acre land and we have to pay to store our Modular units elsewhere where we have to pay because  County won't allow our Club to move our Modular building onto our 3,1 Acre empty site. It doesn't make sense we know, but it is what it is as the County has refused our numerous requests. We were informed that there can be no exceptions. So we have to keep on paying to store our Modular Units elsewhere as those are their rules.

We NOW have to reach out to our community, friends, family & world if necessary for help, businesses and individuals to help by donating whatever all can afford, any donation $5. or more would be appreciated as we need to help our club help our community CHILDREN, ADULTS, SENIORS & VETERANS.

Please know that All donations to our club, with our 501c3 status, donations to our club is 100% tax deductible to the donor and 100% donated and received will go towards the building project costs. Check with your tax consultant or I.R.S. for info on tax deductions donated to a non-profit organization with 501c3 status in California.

Please know too that 100% donated to our Club for this project will go directly to cover costs for this building project only. Our Club members are all volunteers therefore not on a payroll. Our goal is to help our community 100%. 

We are reaching out to YOU for donations of funds & or in-kind donations as we need equipment loans, a Contractor and volunteers too to help our Club cut our construction cost. Anyone interested in volunteering your services, we would love to have you join us, do call or email us anytime. We will be happy to answer questions should you have any.  

Please know that our Club's building project is reaching out to all who would like to help our Club help our community in need of Roseland Lions Club-House Community & Youth Resource Center Building Project to help all less fortunate. Some of our volunteers have worked on this project for the past 33+ years, we are at the home stretch and need a little help to get us over this hurdle. There is a huge need for a resource center where one can keep in contact or meet with to obtain help as needed for those in need of our support. We will be there for them and will do the best we can to help lead all in the right direction as to where they can  Find the help they need in our building or elsewhere. We look forward to offering all our programs and being there to help as needed.  

Lets not forget that our children of today will be our leaders of tomorrow. We should all help best we can when we can.                                                                                                       


  Click "Fundraiser Brick & Tiles"  

future office of roseland lions club will be 3470 Santa Rosa Ave.  in Santa Rosa CA. 


Estimated cost to Move, Set-up, Remodel the Building, Trenching, Utilities Hookups, etc. are listed below.  It is our hope that you will Dig into your pockets and send what you can. Be it $1.00 - $20.00 or More. 


A donor list UP TO $499.00 will be posted inside the building for all to view for as long as the building is standing. That will be many decades we hope  folks. This building will truly be a Community Project as we cannot complete the project without your help & support. If you would like to volunteer to help, please know that we need all the volunteers that would like to help to get this construction together. With all the extra expense we've been having due to delays in getting our project approved,we will be needing Volunteers to help us with getting our project together. If you can help in any way, Volunteering your services, being a Sponsor Big or Small, please don't hesitate to call us. We need a Contractor to help with getting the Modular Units together, so do volunteer where you can as all are welcome to help in this


                         BRICKS & TILES SPONSOR LEVELS $500.00 - $1,500.00 & UP                                  In appreciation, Roseland Lions Club will give to you a Brick or Tile for you to personalize.

All Bricks & Tiles will be set on a Wall inside or outside the building for all to view for many years to come as Bricks & Tiles will be set on all Walls for as long as the building stands. We hope decades. 

100% of donations received for our Club's Building Project to help the community will be used for the Club's Club-House & Resource Center building project only.  Our goal is to complete the project  this Summer in year 2019. With help from a Sponsor, we now have a parcel in place waiting for our building. Our Sponsor & Members are all excited as this project is finally going to happen. With our generous sponsor allowing our Club the use of the land for our building project, we can finally move forward to help those in need. We need you to help us help our community. 

​Sponsors & Donors willing to help fund this part of the project for our club so we can finally have the proper space for our building, it's huge and very much appreciated. If anyone knows of a Contractor or volunteers to help along the way, please let us know. A Contractor willing to donate his/her service to help manage put the building together, have that person contact us as we have looked for so long in the Roseland Community and  have not been able to find one as yet. 

Please help us help our community, together we can and will succeed. 


be a brick $500.00 sponsor 


be  a tile $1,000.00  sponsor OR

$1,500.00 tile with logo &  wording sponsor:                 in appreciation, Roseland Lions Club will give to you

                                  4 X 8" Brick with 3 lines of wording of Sponsor's choice (17 letters per line)

     8 X 8" Tile   with 3 lines of wording of Sponsor's choice. (17 letters per line)

 8 x 8" Tile w/Logo & 2 or 3 lines of wording of Sponsor's choice (17 letters per line)​ 

To be placed in-side or out-side the building for all to view for years to come.

Sponsor's name will be included in Roseland Lions Club Website

 Services Provided

Our structured programming is provided by Roseland Lions Club & Volunteer Professionals in the field 

​As the charity donations come in we publish (if desired) your name on our website...Thank You

Special Thanks to:

Ghilotti Construction -   Jorge Mondragon, Architect - Steve Allred, Pacific Bracing Company. 
Alpha Sprinkler Systems - Home Depot -  Darren Weimeyer, Biologist -  Martin Pang, Realtor -  More to come
Lion Pat Sterck Family - Lion Guido Boccaleoni Family - PDG Lion Ben Anderson - Lion Bob & Mary Zie-                       PDG Lion Jean Roybal - PDG Lion Phyllis Rodges, Lions District 4c2 Governor 2015/2016

Rafael Barragan, ​ - Luz Navarette - Lorraine Schloss Fuentes - Bonnie Baclawski - Club's Honorary Member Lion Karen Waller - 


WANT TO be a sponsor ?

Be a part of something beautiful and useful
It takes people like you to sponsor a child and to sponsor the project. Our children's center is solely run from donations and you should know what you get for your tax-deductible donation. 100% of all donations received for this project will be used for this project to help the children, adults, seniors & veterans and it's 100% tax-deductible.            

A few Club members taking a break at a fund-raiser!




Working with other Non-Profit organizations,, Teachers and Professionals in the field, we will have information in our Resource Center to  share with those in need of our help allowing us to help provide the structure Children need to be ready for school. 



​Roseland Lions Club-House & Resource  Center Bldg. Project


    $160,000.00 with in-kind donations .............................$400,000.00 with no in-kind donations                       Building Permits............................................................................................     $24,000.00 +

            Foundation and sidewalks............................................................................     $45,000.00

            Grading and leveling....(donated by Ghilotti Construction) .....................      $65,000.00

            Kitchen Equipment & Tiles.............................................................................    $66,000.00

            Interior carpet (includes Painting).................................................................    $38,000.00

              Providing parking and accessibility..............................................................    $46,000.00

            Sprinkler System..(donated by Alpha Sprinkler Systems in Santa Rosa)..   $36,000.00

            Transportation and set up of the modulars.(donated by Pacific Bracing)..   $35,000.00

            Utility hookups, water, sewer, electrical & phones........................................   $45,000.00


         Thank you in advance for your support & 100% tax-deductible donations.

PLEASE DO NOT send cash in the mail. Send in your Check or Money Order only)

Before sending in your donation, please go to Menu and click "FUNDRAISING BRICK & TILE" page

to download and print out a Pledge &/or Sponsor Level form to send in with your donation.

Mail your 100%  tax-deductible donations & forms to:

Roseland Lions/bldg fund: PO Box 7398, Santa Rosa, California 95407  


ENGLISH CONTACT: LION PAT STERCK, club president & building project manager.

PHONE: 415-215-5599  /  EMAIL:

SPANICH CONTACT: LION RAFAEL BARRAGAN, club treasurer & building project Volunteer group

PHONE: 707-732-6647 / EMAIL: 

100% of your donation will benefit


located at 3470 SANTA ROSA AVE, in Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA to help our

                                                       Community Children, Adults, Seniors & Veterans!                                                            ROSELAND LIONS CLUB, a proud part of Lions International